Solar for commercial owners

Why solar is good for business!

Commercial property owners in New York State have never had more reasons to do solar!

  • State and federal tax incentives remain robust for New Yorkers.
  • Rising electric rates, especially downstate, continue to increase the value of producing your own power.
  • Numerous financing options range from the innovative Energize Finance Program to attractive lease or energy purchase agreements.
  • New York State’s Reforming Energy Vision Plan has produced several beneficial policy innovations that promote local, distributed generation capacity throughout the state.
  • New York’s Solar Map lets you look up your property’s solar potential, so you can get some basic information before talking with a solar developer.
  • New Yorkers are going solar at unprecedented levels and look to support businesses that go solar.

Getting started

We always start by analyzing the electric usage history for your building and by documenting the existing electrical service and load center. We conduct a cost-free solar assessment to measure how much sun falls on the potential location of the system. This analysis tells you how much electricity you can expect to harvest from your system.

Site visits are a key to designing a great solar project.


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